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We are keen to get out and play gigs!

To get in touch:
Click to message our Facebook page here.

You can also email:
President Sharon Saint McLean
or call Sharon on 0407 152 688

or Vice President Anita Taylor 

or call Anita on 0412 773 487

Bands are available primarily on weekends.

We are  a community based organisation that has two bands currently operating. The players numbers, ability, format and music style change from time to time. All bands are available to perform at functions subject to availability, timing and location. As a non-profit community organisation, our bands are available for community or commercial events for a suitable donation. Our players donate their time and travel, however there are costs involved in setting up a gig in addition to rehearsal costs like hall rent and conductors fees, all of which should be taken in mind when negotiating a performance.

Bands vary in size.  The concert bands (Concert/Rhythm and Musical Chairs) comprise up to thirty musicians, so require a fair bit of space.  

Bands need time to practice for a gig and prefer six weeks lead time but we will do gigs at short notice if we can.

Players needs:

  Musical Chairs must have wheelchair friendly facilities.
Chairs, good lighting, plenty of space and ventilation are also a must for both bands.