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Both bands are very welcoming and friendly and cater for a wide variety of woodwind, brass and rhythm instruments.

The Wind Ensemble performs a range of popular, classical, and contemporary arrangements.

Musical Chairs plays a lot of jazz and encourages soloing. Its original aim is to encourage people with disabilities to learn to play music and enjoy the fun, communal experience of making music.

Rehearsal locations can be found here.

To provide an opportunity for people of all ages to play a woodwind, brass or rhythm instrument in the company of others of similar ability for the joy of playing music and improving their skills as a member of a band or musical ensemble.

We aim to be available for gigs where
the bands can perform in public.

We aim to provide these performances as a community service, but we've never knocked back a donation for a performance: it helps offset the considerable costs involved.

River City Community Music Association began in 1998 with the formation of the main Concert Band. It was a community band for adults who wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. Most people had never played before and couldn't read music. A few had played some type of instrument many years before and had some musical knowledge.